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Best Ice Fishing Bibs – Review

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Anyone interested in ice fishing probably knows that you need best warm clothes in order to thrive. And in case you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on these things, it’s better to not buy anything at all. Save your money for now, earn some more and then you can consider buying one of the best ice fishing bibs which will last for years and will protect your body from harsh weather. You can spend hours on research and find out which are the best ice fishing suits for you, or you can quickly read thice fishing suitis article and you’ll understand basically everything. But there are few things that they haven’t mentioned, which I’m going to fill in. Although their comments on materials are spot on. Materials can make or break any product, so if you want to get best ice fishing suit, you better make sure it comes with best materials as well. Any ice fishing suit you pick needs to be warm and at least water resistant. Having water leaked through your ice fishing suit can cause some serious issues, so you better avoid taking that risk. Overall, you can trust online ratings and ice fishing bibs’ reviews, but you still need to make a choice by yourself. Personally, I would also look out for wind resistant ice fishing suits as well. Because being out there in cold, it can get really windy. Unless you want to be blown away by cold breeze, you should make sure that your clothes are wind resistant.

Extra features that good ice fishing suit needs to have..

Except for the protection it provides, ice fishing suits need to be agile and convenient as well. They shouldn’t be so thick that you won’t be able to walk anymore. And having lots of convenient pockets is also a big plus. Because ice fishing is sport of gadgets and instruments, and it’s really handy to carry them by your pocket. Knowing differences about different materials comes handy as well.

Ice fishing suits don’t cost as much people think they do. Nicest ice fishing bibs can be bought for 100-300$. If you’re buying bib only, price is much lower. But I recommend buying ice fishing bib and jacket together, because they cost a little less than they would when sold separately. For example, you can buy great two piece ice fishing suit for less than three hundred dollars on Amazon. I think it’s very cheap, considering the prices ice fishing vests have in local retail stores. You could also buy used products, and I know some people had good luck with it, but I never tried it. If you’re limited in money, buying used ice fishing gear is definitely a good option to consider.

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